hoppipola (1)

When I came across this word , I was like it is such a fun word and on reading the definition I realized  it indeed was . The place where I live at  , the roads  are not exactly the definition of high maintenance . So whenever it rained , a lot of water would collect in our street and I remember I used to jump in the puddles with my brother and dance in  the rain . However , if I compare it to now I am far more worried about staining my clothes or getting my shoes wet , jumping in puddles doesn’t sound fun as it used to . Rather than jumping into them , we jump over them .

So next time whenever it rains , I am considering reliving those memories and make a splash ! Forget all the worries , You got a washing machine to wash off the dust so Take out time and Have a little fun . 😉

Stop crossing oceans for people who won’t jump a puddle for you .